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> I'm looking for something like she'd get on a Mac or PC:
> 1. a way to automount the USB 'drive' when she plugs in
> 2. a visual filemanager or some other friendly way for her to see
>    files and copy them off so she can mail them or whatnot.
> 3. a way to safely unmount the USB device when she's done   

> I've got no idea about friendly GUI/filemanager with drag-n-drop or
> other easy way to get files off.  She's using simple olde FVWM2 now
> and I'd prefer not to load up a massive GUI like KDE or Gnome.  I just
> don't know what's out there, being a command line dinosuar myself.
> Any recommendations?  

Thunar. I just started using this it's part of XFCE4, but you can
install it separately, I use it with fluxbox. It uses hal-d but it very




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