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Does anybody have a recommendation for a program out there that would allow somebody to enter an account and password on my website, their IP address is cached, and the cached IP address is added temporarily to the firewall ruleset to be allowed.

I am not aware of anything that works like that, pfauth may do the job for you, but not using a web site. Generally the problem is that web pages are stateless, so your firewall won't know when to remove the ip again.

You can hack up a solution that does sort of the same:

- let your web page manage accounts, the web server can get ip of the
  client registering and hence also the corresponding mac.

- tell your dhcp server not to expire ip delegations, or make host
  entries with the registered ip/mac, but that requires the dhcp server
  to be restarted at every new client.

- make a static entry in your arp table to prevent others from taking
  over the ip later.

People will only need to authenticate first time. You can decide to expire their accounts and revoke access after a given time with a cron-job if you like.

Alternatively, require people to connect with IPSec tunnel and allow only tunneled traffic to be routed. When they register a set of keys are generated for use with that client only. This is really the ideal as you can for example leave an AP open, yet have traffic encrypted.

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