On Sunday 04 February 2007 08:26, Olivier Regnier wrote:
> I'm currently running Fluxbox on FreeBSD 6.2. I installed Thunar 0.8.0_1
> and icons-tango 0.7.2_3.
> The problem is simple, when i start Thunar, i do not see the icons and
> in console, i get an error that says "(thunar:1056): Gtk-WARNING **:
> Error loading theme icon for stock; Icon 'gnome-fs-home' not present in
> theme"
> What happened ?  Can you  help me please ?

Try installing the x11-themes/xfce4-icon-theme port and/or the 
misc/gnome-icon-theme port. You should also submit a PR requesting that the 
needed port be added as a dependency for Thunar so others don't have the 
same problem.

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