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# [EMAIL PROTECTED] / 2003-01-16 15:13:26 +0000:
> I have a question about "best" practices for directory hashing. I have
> about 80,000 zone files which are named after the domain which I
> generate using a Perl script. I'm looking for the best hashing to
> reduce the start up time for bind. 
> I've tried different hashings. Using as an example (:-)),
> if I take the first and second letters of the domain and hash it like
> this /var/named/e/x/ I still end up with (in a few cases)
> more than 3000 zones in one directory. If I hash using the
> first+second and third+fourth like this /var/named/ex/am/ I
> end up with a lot fewer zones in the individual directories, but
> bind's start up time is much longer.

    isn't this actually a Bind problem? you are IMO asking in the wrong
> I can live with the first hasing if I need to, but I'm seeking some
> advice and suggestions on what others think (or know) would be better.

    I think better solution would be switching to djbdns, but am afraid
    of starting a flamefest, so I won't say it. :)

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