On Thu, 16 Jan 2003, John Ekins wrote:

> Hello,
> I have a question about "best" practices for directory hashing. I have
> about 80,000 zone files which are named after the domain which I
> generate using a Perl script. I'm looking for the best hashing to
> reduce the start up time for bind.
> I've tried different hashings. Using example.foo as an example (:-)),
> if I take the first and second letters of the domain and hash it like
> this /var/named/e/x/example.foo I still end up with (in a few cases)
> more than 3000 zones in one directory. If I hash using the
> first+second and third+fourth like this /var/named/ex/am/example.com I
> end up with a lot fewer zones in the individual directories, but
> bind's start up time is much longer.
> I can live with the first hasing if I need to, but I'm seeking some
> advice and suggestions on what others think (or know) would be better.

Assuming you want your directories to be as full as possible to get
optimal startup time, and that the "definitive" data defining your zone
files lives somewhere else (ie, that you're creating this directory
structure _purely_ for bind to consume, not for management purposes),
why not just determine (benchmark) the "right" number of zone files to
put in a directory, and slap the first n files into directory z001, the
next n into directory z002, and so on?

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