I have an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 soundcard 
(http://www.m-audio.com/products/m-audio/audiophile.php) and am looking for a matching 
FreeBSD driver. I'm new to FreeBSD and have recently installed version 4.7 stable. 
Installation via FTP was a breeze and the only missing piece so far is sound. I know 
that this soundcard is not explicitely listed in the hardware compatibility list, but 
I was hoping that maybe someone in the FreeBSD community came up with a driver that's 
not yet offically listed, or at least that's there's work in progress or some alpha 
quality experimental driver that I'd be happy to help testing. This is not just one 
other exotic soundcard, it's an very good one (all reviews are raving about it), with 
extremely low latency (under 1ms on Mac OS X) and very good DACs. It's a very popular 
soundcard among musicians for computer based music and I was hoping to be able to use 
it on FreeBSD. Yes, there is an ALSA driver available on Linux, but I'd rather stick 
to FreeBSD as I'm convinced of its design superiority and I don't want to deal w/ the 
whole Linux distribution mess. I guess the only Linux distro that got my attention 
recently is Gentoo (www.gentoo.org), precisely because it "ports" based, a la FreeBSD, 
but it's still in its early stage and needs to mature a bit I think.

Thanks a lot in advance for your ideas/suggestions.

-- Stephane

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