At 08:03 AM 2/6/2007, Chris wrote:
On 06/02/07, Justin Robertson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I've actually already done everything you've suggested with little or no
impact at all. One point where we have different results is with
ADAPTIVE_GIANT, I actually noticed a drop of about 50kpps thruput when
disabling it.

Hmm I am surprised not more attention has been brought by your
observations, I have noticed myself freebsd 4.x holds up much better
during ddos then 5.x and 6.x probably due its better robustness and
lighter code.

When I ran through the tests with pmc compiled in there wasnt any obvious areas where it was spending a lot of time. What I was told was that the locking overhead was a big penalty and more emphasis was put on correctness than speed going from RELENG_4 to RELENG_5 and above. Supposedly the payoff will come as more CPU cores get added as there is better potential to scale with this design. While I did see some improvement in the box with SMP compiled in, it still has a ways to go for this application

I do hope but will probably be dissapointed stability and robustness
is on the todo list for the devs in aiming to get 6.x to where 4.x

I have found stability to be quite good. But certainly as a firewall or router, the speed is not there yet.

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