On Tuesday 06 February 2007 15:58, Don Munyak wrote:
> I was tweaking the /etc/rc.conf file and apparently had a typo. Now
> the system boots into single user mode. I know what my error is
> syslogd_enable=YES"  {left off the first "}
> How can I edit rc.conf while in single user mode. I've tried vi & ee,
> but system doesn't recognize either.

You can mount /usr (assuming that's not related to whatever you're trying to 
fix) by typing "mount /usr". You'll also need to mount / read/write before 
you can modify rc.conf so I usually just do "mount -a". "mount /" will 
re-mount / with the default r/w settings.

If you do have a problem with /usr, there are statically linked versions of 
both system default editors in /rescue. So you could also 
do "/rescue/ee /etc/rc.conf", for example.

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