Guys, ( unfortunatly there were no girls ),

On 2/6/07, Josh Paetzel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On Tuesday 06 February 2007 15:35, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> List, Guys and Girls,
> although i know this is not a specific freebsd issue, i will ask
> the question nevertheless.
> normally, i sent my outgoing email through my isp ( relay.x.z ).
> this server seems to be down at the moment.
> so after working with bsd for years, i decided to dive into
> sendmail. i read a lot, setup the stuff and tested sh*t.
> so basically, it seems to work fine: i can send messages between
> machines on the LAN, but messages to the outside(gmail, other
> domains) timeout.
> i ran tcpdump on the external interface, and the only thing that
> seems to happen is my machine contacting the other machines, but
> they never reply!:
> 22:24:25.763774 x.y.z.4091 > S
> 1796563309:1796563309(0) win 57344 <mss 1460> (DF)
> how come? how do i find out? i checked /var/log/security and stuff
> is not being blocked by ipfw.
> sendmail reports:
> stat=Deferred: Operation timed out with
> i have masqueraded(sendmail) with my isp-assigned-domain-name (
> ), and with another domain i own.
> am i missing something obvious?
> thanks in advance for any help,
> regards,
> usleep

It's highly possible your ISP is blocking port 25 to everything but
their mailservers in an effort to keep their customers from running
open relays and other nasty spam software.

thanks a bunch. it got me thinking.

1. i have an adsl-account with ip-connectivity only ( no mail, no
news, no mailserver, no nothing )
2. i used to send my email using a relay-server coming with a hosted
domain i administer ( hosted by an isp abroad ).

so that was not working anymore. so i tried sendmail, which did not work either.

so i pinged "" ( which previously
never existed ).

bingo! now it exists.

so they decided to block port 25, and add this relay-server.



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