On 2003-01-17 10:02, Dan Aiello <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > There are 3 ways listed in the FAQ for this very problem.  In the
> > past, I have recommended a fourth way in a followup of mine in this
> > list.  Have you tried one of them.  Which one?
> Man! Where were you two days ago when I needed this info? I partially
> overwrote my BSD installation because I couldn't figure that out. I knew
> there was a way to do that. What I needed what the boot0cfg command...
> Better late than never, I suppose. At least I'll know for next time.
> I've been looking in the FAQ and can't find the part that tells me what
> you had in that e-mail. Could you please tell me where specifically to
> find it?

There is one question-and-answer entry in the FAQ about this.  Look for:

        Windows 95/98 killed my boot manager!  How do I get it back?

in the "Installation" chapter of the FAQ.

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