Check out the IPSEC how-to at:

It's a good start and tells you some info on how to configure racoon in
FreeBSD to talk with a Win2K/XP

Hope this helps.

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> Subject: Help needed configuring racoon
> Hi,
> I think I need a little help configuring a VPN using FreeBSD and
> racoon. At the moment I have got as far as compiling an IPSec
> enabled kernel, and running racoon. When I try to ping a
> machine on the other end of the tunnel, racoon fails to negotiate
> key exchange. On debug level 1, the message in the log file is:
> > ERROR: pfkey.c:1604:pk_recvacquire(): failed to get sainfo.
> For any experts out there, I would be happy to send copies of any
> relevant log files and/or config files. However, given that these are
> the two firewalls protecting my LANs, I don't want to post
> configuration
> info to a public forum.
> PS: I'm not subscribed to questions, but I do check the web-archives
> so please email me directly if you're prepared to help.
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