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ad1s1c is a partition that contains the entire disk or slice in this case.
Dangerously dedicated is when you have no slices: ad1a, ad1b, ad1c etc.
should _only_ fsck the individual partitions (ad0s1a), never the complete
disk (ad0) or individual slices (ad0s1). You may risk destroying your
filesystem(s) if you do so. Unless ofcourse you know what you're doing and
you have placed a filesystem directly on either the disk or the slice it

I see, thanks for explaining that. If I can recover this disk then I'll
partition it into a couple of slices and mount each of those instead of what
I was now doing.

/dev/ad1s1c: NOT LABELED AS A BSD FILE SYSTEM (unused)
Yes, ad1s1c is normally not used as a filesystem, so you would better not

Oops, then what can I do?

Also it won't reboot now, although I've run fsck complete including on
> ads0. Do I have to edit /etc/fstab so ads1 isn't mounted to get a good
> boot? Unfortunately /usr isn't getting mounted and I have not editor
> available afaik.
It should not be necessary to edit /etc/fstab. However after what you've
described above it might be necessary to restore the partition table, mbr
slice table to get your system booting again.

Could you please be more explicit Pieter?  I don't know how to do any of
that. Yikes!

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