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   I made some progress in having etoile working under xdm.

   - First (and this should be corrected I think), the setup.sh and
   setdo= wn.sh scripts must be extracted from the source code. setup.sh
   should be = used to create links to etoile applications at the right

   - Get GNUstep running (that's tricky as well). I still have issues
   wit= h GNUstep libraries not loaded by the applications even though
   ldconfig k= nows were they are (I created a file under

   - Create .xsession with the command 'etoile_system'


   Läs det senaste om = alla våra kändisar. Var de har varit, vad
   det har gjort och med vem. = På Spray Mingel har vi full uppsikt.
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