It seems that the message I went yesterday got screwed up = somehow...
   Anyway, here are some information and questions:
   - The G= NUstep.sh daemon starts automatically. No need of rc.conf
   - csh.cshrc = and profile must be augmented by the sourcing to
   GNUstep.csh and GNUstep.= sh respectively
   - the ldconfig list must be augmented.: I created a fi= le in usr
   local libdata ldconfig where I specified where the GNUstep libr= aries
   are located. The machine is rebooted afterward
   I still have = an issue though:
   etoile_system started from .xsession while running xd= m does not find
   the GNUStep libraries.

   Spray Crazy samlar nä= tets roligaste filmer just nu. Gå in och
   titta eller ladda upp ditt ege= t bidrag på


   1. 3D"http://crazy.spray.se/";
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