I'm using linux_base-gentoo-stage3-2006.0_2 for my 6.2-RELEASE system's Linux 
emulation.  It works perfectly for my Linux apps - better than the recommend 
linux_base-fc4 port, in fact - but has a strange problem.  Whenever I install 
new software using Gentoo's "emerge" tool, the resulting binaries have weird 
permissions.  For example:

  $ ls -la /compat/linux/usr/bin/pcretest
  ----rwS--T  1 root  wheel  33828 Feb  8 17:13 /compat/linux/usr/bin/pcretest

I found a similar question in the freebsd-emulation list 
and it seems that the problem is trigged by the utimes() syscall.  Has anyone 
found a workaround to this problem?  It doesn't look like it's been patched 
in FreeBSD itself yet, and I haven't gotten a reply from the author of the 
above post when I asked him if he'd solved the problem.  Neither was I able 
to find the patch he mention.

Any pointers would be most appreciated!  I'm getting tired of manually fixing 
the permissions on every file I install (and hoping that 755 for exes is 
Kirk Strauser

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