Hi, I need some help.

I'm running FreeBSD 4.5-RELEASE version.
I ported the following perl script from the system running FreeBSD
2.2.7-RELEASE. (the perl script works fine on FreeBSD 2.2.7.)

But, when I execute this perl script on FreeBSD 4.5, it fails with the
following messages: 

open2: exec of socket 23 failed at /opr/get line 23

I'm using stable perl 5.6.1 on FreeBSD 4.5 server.

Here is the actual perl script which I'm trying to run:


use FileHandle;
use IPC::Open2;
require 'getopt.pl';

do Getopt("s");

$skip_to = $opt_s;

while(<>) {
        next if /^#/;
        next if /^\s*$/;

        ($name,$ip,$login,$pass,$pass2) = split;

        next if $line++ < $skip_to;

        print "$name\n";
        $pid = open2 ( \*TELNET_IN , \*TELNET_OUT, "socket $ip 23" );
        sleep 10;               # give it some time to connect to the host
        print TELNET_OUT $login,"\n";
        sleep 10;               # wait for response
        print TELNET_OUT "$pass\n";
        sleep 10;

        and so on................


When I tried to telnet to one of Cisco router, I got this messages which I
do not see when I telnet from older version of FreeBSD server.

login: Kerberos:        No default realm defined for Kerberos!

I could still manually telnet & logged on the router, but I never saw
"Kerberos" message at telnet login before with older FreeBSD.

The reason socket can not be executed from this perl scrip is...because of
"kerberos"?  I may installed Kerberos option at installation time, but I
don't think I turned on kerberos for authentication.  I really do not need
kerberos, so I would like to turn it off if it's possible, and I need to
make this perl script to work on FreeBSD 4.5 environment. 

I would really appreciate your help.



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