On Mon, 2007-02-05 at 18:53 -0800, Charles Schaum wrote:
> Kudos to the GNOME FreeBSD team for continuing
> improvements.
> Problem: Hal no longer recognizes all vfat partitions.
> Two vfat partitions at ad0s1 and ad1s2 exist. Only
> ad0s1 now appears.
> CD burning now proceeds better via Nautilus. Before
> portsnap / portmaster that failed altogether. Now CD-R
> burning succeeds, whilst CD-RW burning can still hang
> the machine altogether. Gnomebaker, however, has
> worked consistently.
> Once burned, if not ejected, the CD is not recognized
> any more in the burning drive and in the auxiliary
> drive. Mac OS X can, however, recognize the CD.
> Indeed after burning a CD and closing the dialog
> (without ejecting) no CD or DVD of any kind was
> recognized any more, nor was any console error output
> generated. The devices simply ceased to communicate.

Without the output of lshal, there is nothing we can do.  Also be aware
that CD burning uses cdrecord and/or growisofs for the underlying work.
If those commands do not work on your system, then n-c-b won't work.
n-c-b just uses HAL to detect burners and which media is in them.


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