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Derek Ragona wrote:
FreeBSD runs on most i386 based hardware as long as you have 64 MB ram
or more.  So you can recycle an old desktop PC to run FreeBSD and then
have at it.  Or buy a cheap new desktop or refurbished.


The problem with this approach is that it doesn't get you a static IP
with proper rDNS and a host of other things...
It does if you buy an ISP account that includes a static IP and
does DNS for you or you set up your own DNS and register the server.

But that might actually cost a whole extra $6 a month and isn't it
preferable to
spend $100 a month at some colo house?


Maybe that's an option for you, but I'm looking at spending a minimum of another $60 every month to my ISP if I want those services. I haven't been sufficiently impressed to feel that they warrant that extra fee.

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