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> I've been installing FreeBSD on my home desktop. A little each day I spend
> configuring. I've worked out most things with books and man pages. I am
> connected to the internet by cable modem. Links worked perfectly right away.
> Where I am failing is setting up my email. I am not trying to be a mail
> server, just get and send mail through my ISP. The documentation seems to be
> geared to mail servers. This is really confusing me. Can someone point me in
> the right direction for help on email? Just a nudge in the right direction
> would be most helpful.

You're right - most of the documentation is geared towards setting up
a server. That's because that's the difficult part, and setting up as
just a client depends on which of the many clients you've chosen.

Basically, what you need to do is choose a client, and then follow the
directions on configuring it. That should do the trick. If you like
OE, then possibly you want to use Netscape Communicator or Mozilla as
a client. Install those from the ports, then use the preferences menus
to enter your ISP's host names for the SMTP and POP servers.

If you want a command-line client, mutt and pine are popular and
available in the ports. There are also other GUI clients available in
the ports; look in /usr/ports/mail to see what's there.

Finally, I use VM, which is a mail program that runs inside of
Emacs. If you use emacs, you might want to give it a look.

> I apologize for posting with OE.

No need to apologies - the mail came through nicely formatted, as
plain text only. That's all we ask for.

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