recompiled dhcpd r11 today and thought my old config file would work - and
it doesn't.  Can anyone see what is wrong?

Here is the error:

Internet Software Consortium DHCP Server V3.0.1rc11
Copyright 1995-2003 Internet Software Consortium.
All rights reserved.
For info, please visit http://www.isc.org/products/DHCP
/usr/local/etc/dhcpd.conf line 7: semicolon expected.
dhcpd_ifaces "dc0"
/usr/local/etc/dhcpd.conf line 11: semicolon expected.
/usr/local/etc/dhcpd.conf line 34: expecting a parameter or declaration

Configuration file errors encountered -- exiting

If you did not get this software from ftp.isc.org, please
get the latest from ftp.isc.org and install that before
requesting help.

If you did get this software from ftp.isc.org and have not
yet read the README, please read it before requesting help.
If you intend to request help from the [EMAIL PROTECTED]
mailing list, please read the section on the README about
submitting bug reports and requests for help.

Please do not under any circumstances send requests for
help directly to the authors of this software - please
send them to the appropriate mailing list as described in
the README file.


and here is my config file:

# $FreeBSD: ports/net/isc-dhcp3/files/rc.isc-dhcpd.conf.sample,v 1.1
13:33:15 roam Exp $
# isc-dhcpd startup configuration file.

#dhcpd_options=""                               # command option(s)
dhcpd_ifaces "dc0" ;                            # ethernet interface(s)

ddns-update-style interim

subnet netmask {
        option domain-name "gdmckee.local";
        option domain-name-servers,;
        option broadcast-address;
        option subnet-mask;
        option routers;

        key DHCP_UPDATER {
               algorithm HMAC-MD5.SIG-ALG.REG.INT;
                secret pRP5FapFoJ95JEL06sv4PQ==;

        zone gdmckee.local. {
                key DHCP_UPDATER;

        zone 0.168.192.in-addr.arpa. {
                key DHCP_UPDATER;


May thanks


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