On 11.02.2007 12:54, * Dino Vliet wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm installing a nice system to use as my multimedia
> box and already succeeded with geom-mirror. I want to
> use a jail to isolate the p2p applications like 
> amule/emule and want to make sure that they only write
> to an encrypted disk (currently RTFM on geli and gbde)
> However, I was wondering what happens with a jail if I
> update the host system due to a security issue or
> something else (recompile kernel and install world).
> Do I need to define the jail again? If not, won't the
> files in the jail stay at their previous versions
> although the host system has been updated to a new
> version?
> Or should I just RTFM on jails and come back a few
Unfortunately there is not much to read for end-users, like us.
> weeks from now:-)
> Thanks in advanced.

Its never been a problem for my systems. Two machines running 19 jails.
Done around a dozen system updates and also changing release from 6.0 to
6.2 using the same method was no problem at all.

First proceed as the handbook describes for the host-system.
After everything completes and your system and jails are up again
rebuild you jails with as follows:
# make -j4 buildworld
# mergemaster -p -D /jails/example
# make installworld DESTDIR=/jails/example
# mergemaster -D /jails/example

After that restart Jail. Done.

In my case I work with different make.conf files for jails and host
system, thats the reason why I rebuild world for the jails, If not you
can just make installworld without rebuilding. If you have multiple
jails, you can skip buildworld after first one.

Hope this helps.


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