Ewald Jenisch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I want to set up automatic archiving of logfiles and thought about
> using the standard "newsyslog" for it.
> My problem though is that during archiving the logs should be renamed
> to something like "<basename>.<YY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS>" so the archived
> files should contain the date/time when they have been archived. For
> example an original file of "cisco.log" should give
> "cisco.07-02-07-23-55-00.log".
> Does anybody out there know if "newsyslog" is capable of this?

It isn't.

> If not - is there another program that can archive/rename logfiles in
> such a way?

I'm sure there is, but I don't know any offhand.  It's awfully easy to
roll your own.  You can even let newsyslog do the rotation and rename
the files it puts out (using their mtime for your stamp).

For example, I run the following on a monthly basis:
    cd ${HOME}/Mail
    filename=`date -v-1d '+sentmail.%Y-%m'`
    mv outgoing-mail archive/$filename
It should probably check for an error on the cd command, but basically
that's all you need.

Be well.
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