Jim Stapleton wrote:
> I have two hard drives in my machine (ad8, ad10), ad10 is the system
> disk, ad8 has a few GB of swap at the end and 2 fat32 partitions.
> Mostly I'm using the fat partitions for a windows install to use as
> the base for WINE, but occasionally I'll want to install software, or
> run something directly in Windows. In these cases it'd be nice not to
> have to reboot. Is it possible to set up an emulator to either use
> /dev/ad8 or /dev/ad8s1, could I give it a CD device (only when on) as
> well?
> I found that the former was not possible in Bochs, and I read some
> stuff on QEmu in the logs, so I figured I'd ask here before I put a
> lot of time into it (i.e. I'll try with no response or some "I don't
> knows", but if I get a "can't be done", then I won't waste my time).
> Thank you,
> -Jim Stapleton

        Emulators (at least vmware, qemu) should treat partitions
transparently. I don't think that they can understand BSD slices as
there isn't an option to load or read BSD slices in the config section
of the emulators I've used IIRC.

I figured that /should/ be teh case, but after my experience with
Bochs and it being very confused, I figured I should just ask. So,
then if the DOS parition is /dev/ad8s1, then I should be able to link
it to /dev/ad8s1 in the config, or should I link it to /dev/ad8?

-Jim Stapleton
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