Klaus Friis Østergaard wrote:

I have a EPATech eTC thin client it is build on a Vortex86 processor. I
tried with a 6.1 relase in order PXE boot the thin client and it fails.

Is it possible to build an older relase like 5.3 on a 6.1 relase and use it
for the thin clients, to boot from?

Yes, it is possible. Check out the desired version with cvs, then build world and kernel, finally, install with DESTDIR=/dir/of/choice

Details here: http://www.locolomo.org/pub/pxeboot/diskless.html

The reason that I ask is I got the reply from Epatech tech guy's that I
should try and older relase of FreeBSD i386.

I don't know what fails, maybe it would be good to try solve the problem rather than work around it? I doubt going back to 5.x will change much.

Cheers, Erik
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