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On Sun, 11 Feb 2007 11:43:43 +0100
Roger Olofsson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Dear Mailing List,

After a recent buildworld (6.2-STABLE FreeBSD) and portsnap fetch portversion reported djbdns as being in need of an upgrade, however portupgrade just exits like so:

# portupgrade -Rr djbdns-ipv6

ie, nothing happens.

A quick locate djbdns | grep ports gave the results that it might be
on the move from ports/dns to ports/net but there are no files for it
in net and the one in dns looks to be the one I have installed.

pkg_info -o "*djbdns*"
will tell you the full package name and origin

However a similar thing recently happened to me, after the move of
portupgrade to a new category. I tried to run portupgrade on a port
and nothing happened. I'm not sure why it worked, because I didn't get
"Command not found", but typing rehash fixed it.
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I am sorry, below happens:

pkg_info -o *djbdns*
pkg_info: No match.

portversion -l "<"
djbdns-ipv6                 <

I am having problems with ports and specifically djbdns and php5-mysql after a buildworld and then a portsnap fetch/update. I have tried portmanager and more portsnaps but these two remain stubborn.

Rehash has been done.

Thanks for your input!

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