Olaf Greve wrote:

The issue is that PuTTY does not fall back from its SSH2 attempt to SSH1 (with password authentication), as is what I specified in my /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Is this what you tried too, or did you use SSH2 (i.e. key authentication, instead of password authentication)?

Unless I misunderstand, then you have a serious misapprehension. SSH1 versus SSH2 is *nothing* to do with keys versus passwords. Both SSH1 and SSH2 support password or key based authentication. The difference is that SSH1 an older protocol and is *insecure* and no-one should still be using it unless they have some legacy app which really cannot be updated.

I strongly suggest that at the very least you enable SSH2 as the first protocol in sshd_config with a line like

Protocol 2,1

though from what I can see, SSH2 only has been the default for a while, and rightly so.


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