Brian Astill <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> root@BAPhD ~ #fdisk -BI ad2
> ******* Working on device /dev/ad2 *******
> root@BAPhD ~ #Jan 18 15:21:19 BAPhD /kernel: ad2: cannot find label (no
> disk label)
> Jan 18 15:21:19 BAPhD /kernel: ad2s1: cannot find label (no disk label)

I was playing with fdisk/disklabel yesterday, and there's some strange
stuff going on there, like maybe the disk driver gets confused.

Anyway, there's a good chance you can solve you problem by following the
steps which have been (mis) placed in the disklabel(8) manpage near the
words "Completely wipe any prior information on the disk".

Beware that "fdisk -BI" doesn't necessarily write boot blocks, that
"fdisk -I" might write them, and both sometimes ignore answers to their
prompts about whether to write them.  Go figure.

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