I am working with one of my vendors and they are asking for a secure
telnet program on my FreeBSD box.


> What's wrong with ssh?

Indeed. Perhaps you can tell us what client the vendor is using; it seems likely that most programs that do "secure telnet" will also talk to sshd. If they're using Windows (most likely) and don't have a particular "must use" client, PuTTY is fine, and does SSH and telnet pretty well.

Can anyone recommend a port for the secure telnet program, or a source
where I can obtain one?

Interestingly enough, if you take a look at the Makefile in src/libexec/telnetd/ it seems to indicate that FreeBSD's telnetd is compiled with SSL support; you might attempt telnet from within the BSD box and see if it works, as telnet(1) seems to indicate that data is encrypted by default. Grab packets and see if you can read things like passphrases ;-) [1]

I was able to make rlogin work (from my laptop), but I was not able to use
rlogion from the FreeBSD box since I need to connect to a non-standard
port (2002).

Interesting choice of numbers; ssh is port 22. Are you sure they're not open to using ssh?

As an alternative, is it possible to make the rlogin client
connect to a non-standard port?

I wouldn't think of rlogin as an alternative, and, no, the manpage doesn't seem to indicate this. Also, unless this system isn't publicly available (and the need for "secure telnet" from a "vendor" seems to indicate that this isn't the case), you shouldn't allow rlogin; once again, ssh can do anything rlogin/rsh can, and do it with encryption.

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.  (Jasper, MO!!! Hi!)

[1] Keep in mind that there **must** be a reason why SSH is preferred over telnet, even if telnet supports SSL/Kerberos/TLS/Whatever, and encourage the use of ssh from your vendor if possible.

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