Kevin Kinsey wrote:

>> Can anyone recommend a port for the secure telnet program, or a source
>> where I can obtain one?
> Interestingly enough, if you take a look at the Makefile in
> src/libexec/telnetd/ it seems to indicate that FreeBSD's telnetd is
> compiled with SSL support; you might attempt telnet from within the BSD
> box and see if it works, as telnet(1) seems to indicate that data is
> encrypted by default.  Grab packets and see if you can read things like
> passphrases ;-)  [1]

FreeBSD telnet only does the crypto thing when talking to another telnet
with the same capability.  If it has to connect to a telnet without it
will gaily send all your passwords and stuff over the net in plain text...

As most Solaris 10 users will tell you after the last few days, telnet
is more trouble than it is worth.



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