I recently upgraded to 5.2.1_1. After upgrading (or before not exactly sure) I began getting errors ALERT - canary mismatch on efree() - heap overflow detected in my Apache logs. Also, certain parts of one of my database (mysql) driven sites stopped working. Certain pages just stopped working, they return a blank white page. I'm absolutely stumped on what it could be. I have tried recompiling php 4-5x with different options and re-installing apache etc... Nothing is working. I looked for php bug reports, and found this one http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=40119 but it does not really pertain to me. Can anyone give some pointers or tips on what to do?

Right now I am thinking of just downgrading to PHP 5.2.0 because that's what worked last. Is there an easy way to downgrade ports?

Any feedback, tips, or help would be greatly appreciated.

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