I have a FBSD computer that I need to access via ssh from a WinXP machine 
running 'putty'. I am using ssh certificates for authorization. No problem 
there. I can do anything I want when I access the FBSD machine in this manner, 
except run something like KDE or XFCE4. I thought I made all of the required 
changes to the ssh_config and sshd_config as well as 'putty', but evidently not.


I have 'startx' set to start 'xfce4' presently. If I type: 'startx' while 
logged in via ssh, xfce4 will start on the FBSD machine just fine. However, on 
the WinXP PC with 'putty', all I see are the start up messages on the screen. 
The actual GUI, etc. never appears. This makes using the program impossible 
from a remote location.

I am sure I am doing something really stupid here. Perhaps someone could point 
me i the right direction.


White Hat 

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