On 18 Jan 2003 at 14:26, Bill Moran wrote:

> > What I'd like to do is be able to get to the internal machine (named 
> > winmachine1) from the Internet using a construct such as:  
> > winmachine.bstar.ath.cx.
> > 
> >  Any advice?
> You probably have ipfw running on your firewall.  You can use ipfw's
> port forwarding feature to allow certain ports to appear to be on
> bstar.ath.cx, while they are actually connecting to winmachine1.
> You simply make a DNS entry that says that winmachine.bstar.ath.cs
> is the same as bstar.ath.cs

This method (minus the dns server) is what I'm doing now. And you 
are correct, I want to use similar ports on multiple machines. For 
the time being, Xinetd's ability to translate port numbers to another 
machine (ie. bstar port 58 forwards to winmachine as port 80, 
leaving port 80 free for bstar) works, but will eventually become 
amazingly cumbersome.

I own a domain name and Dyndns will act as domain name servers. 
Maybe that's the way to go.



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