Nagy László Zsolt wrote:
Laszlo Nagy wrote:
75% user, 24.2% system, 0.0% idle. Despite those stats, I do not see what is eating up 100% cpu time. I already restarted the computer but it is the same. This problem started some hours ago. The CPU is hot, I can feel it on the air stream pouring out the computer case. There are more people that should work with this computer, but they can't. It is terribly slow. Please help me.
Probably it is not a problem with the kernel (it was working before) but I tried to upgrade to the latest 6.2 branch. make buildworld is so incredibly slow that I don't think it will finish within a week. :-( Compilation starts, but the C compiler only gets about 0.3% CPU time. The remaining 99.7% is lost somewhere. :-(

Possible hardware problem perhaps? Are you able to run a "burn-in" test on the machine?

Stabbing in the dark really.

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