On Feb 16, 2007, at 10:54 AM, Nagy László Zsolt wrote:
Possible hardware problem perhaps? Are you able to run a "burn-in" test on the machine?
What is that? How can I perform that? (Tomorrow the machine will be free, I can play with it.) I can imagine that the processor is overheated and so the frequency was reduced by the BIOS. But that does not explain why I cannot see the process using the CPU. An invisible process eating up CPU time cannot be a hardware problem, can it?

One possibility is that your CPU fan has failed, in which case newer machines would downclock itself extremely in order to avoid burning out-- that might be an explanation for why your performance has decreased so much. Otherwise, try using "ps auxw" to show all of the processes which are running and see whether there are surprising things, or perhaps try "top -o time" to sort by accumulated CPU time and look at what's consuming the most...


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