I built a gstripe volume with 4 drives and a 128KB stripesize.  When running 
one particular application, gstat reports that stripe/stripe1 is 99% busy, 
although its four drives are running at less than 30% each.  Am I 
misinterpreting the numbers - maybe the total is the sum of the drives? - 
or is there some giant overhead that I'm missing?

I've set kern.geom.stripe.fast=1, and kern.geom.stripe.fast_failed stays at 
0.  I don't have enough experience with geom_strip to even know where to go 
from here.  Are stripe sizes likely to make much of a difference when the 
heaviest load is when PostgreSQL is receiving massive imports?  This is a 
production system and I don't have the opportunity to play with it as much 
as I'd like, so any pointers to experiments likely to make a difference 
would be most welcome.
Kirk Strauser

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