Kirk Strauser a écrit :
On Saturday 17 February 2007 12:36, Pierre-Francois LAURAND wrote:

/usr/bin/time /usr/bin/nice -n 20 /sbin/dump -C 16 -0 -f- /vol1 | \
   /usr/bin/nc -v s-backup 24864

Try the "-a" option to dump, which tells it to output until it receives a write error. Otherwise, it tries to chop up the dumps into tape-sized pieces (even when writing to stdout), and the default tape size seems to be tiny.

dump does not seem to be involved :

On client :
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/tmp$ if (/usr/bin/ssh -c blowfish [EMAIL PROTECTED] \
 /usr/bin/nc -lv 24864 \>/tmp/file.1m &); then \
 /bin/dd if=/dev/random bs=512k count=2 | \
 /usr/bin/nc -v s-backup 24864; fi

On remote, I only have a 1024 bytes file size:

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/tmp$ ls -l
-rw-r-----   1 backup  operator     -    1024 17 feb 22:52 file.1m

But, if on s-backup :
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/tmp$ /usr/bin/nc -lv 24864 | /bin/dd of=/tmp/file.1m

And on client :
[EMAIL PROTECTED]: dd if=/dev/random bs=512k count=2 | \
 /usr/bin/nc -v s-backup 24864

I get the expected result on s-backup:

[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/tmp$ ls -l
-rw-r-----   1 backup  operator   - 1048576 17 feb 22:54 file.1m

So, I think that ssh is the one that break the transmission.

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