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>If however, you browse from within your own home network, all you need
>is the IP address of the server (assuming that server has apache or some
>other httpd) and your done.

Right, all at home. I have Pound configured (like on my workhorse), not apache. 
But how do I determine the IP address of the server? I've never set that up 
before. What file do I edit?

>Servers should NEVER be ip'ed dynamically. Servers should ALWAYS be
>static unless of course, you are running some form of DNS internally.

All I need is something like this:
so I can look at said site.

>Again, if your intent is to access from outside your network - then the
>above is mute and you need to educate yourself with the whole networking

I'm glad I can once more dodge that bullet ;)

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