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>Use "netstat -anf inet" on the server and see if port 80 or 8080 is 
>"LISTENING", and on what address.  

This reports tcp4 listening on Nothing on 8080, which would 
indicate a problem with my configuration of Zope.

>If the server is LISTENING on the 
>FBSD box on the correct ports, but nmap doesn't show it, then I would 
>assume a firewall problem, but I'm not "on the ground" there.  

Okay, can you give me some suggestions as to how to troubleshoot this?

>If you do 
>see a LISTENING entry, use that interface (assuming it's Ethernet and 
>one that it accessible from your laptop) as the entry in the laptop's 
>hosts file.

Did that, but I get a "Service is not available." message in the browser (FF).

> is a broadcast address and should not be used for the 
>configuration of a webserver (is that what "pound daemon" is?  Think so, 
>can't remember previous mail at this point).

Pound is a reverse proxy. It just redirects traffic from one port to another. 
The actual server is built into Zope.

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