Joe Holden schrieb:
Arone Silimantia wrote:
My provider has given me a /48. They emailed me and told me the following:

- IP block is 1234:1234:1234::/48
- gateway is ::1

That is all they told me. So my first instinct was to ifconfig an alias on em0 with inet6, and then add a inet6 default route. BUT, I keep reading that with ipv6 you don't want to manually configure addresses and routes - there is some kind of fancy autoconfigure you can do with your gateway so that you don't need to manually configure the addresses (?)

So two questions:

- is there indeed some fancy autoconfigure, and I don't need to manually ifconfig and 'route add inet6 default'

Add the following line in /etc/rc.conf


This is enough to let FreeBSD configure the interface with IPv6 automatically using router solicitation.

- if not, assuming I just want to assign a single ipv6 address to myself (let's say, ::2, since ::1 is the gateway) what is the ifconfig syntax to add that one ipv6 address to my NIC (em0) as an alias that will not interfere with the ipv4 address that is already there ?

ifconfig_fxp4="inet <ipv4>"
ifconfig_fxp4_alias0="inet <ipv4>"
ifconfig_fxp4_alias1="inet6 1234:1234:1234::2/64"
ifconfig_fxp4_alias2="inet6 1234:1234:1234::3/64"


Think of it in the same way as Static/DHCP v4 works.
Static machines have manually assigned addresses, dynamic/moving
clients have autoconfigure by dhcp. It works in a similiar way,
you will need to configure ip addresses using ifconfig em0 inet6
as normal.

Autoconfiguration is not intended to be done by DHCP. There may be a router advertising daemon rtadvd(8) running on the gateway that answers router solicitation requests of hosts in the network. Nevertheless DHCPv6 has been designed to offer IP to requesting clients. Unfortunately there is no DHCPv6 daemon available that implements this feature as far as I know, not even the WIDE-DHCPv6 daemon (net/dhcp6).

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