Hello Hilmi,

> What is a my problem: reverse address resolving not 
> work correct. What I mean: I use nslookup tool for checking the DNS 
> server, and if I use as server my DNS server all type of resolving
> work. Still work. The problem is when I use server from the world:
> example ns1.versatel.net (situation is same with other server from the
> worl), this server can't find the reverse record for my machines.

ok, the first question: how many ip-addresses do you own?

Like with the "normal" dns-resolution, there are authoritative servers
for reverse lookup, too. These authoritative servers start with the
first part of your ip, say 62 (for Then, there is a server
for 58.62 and one for 54.58.62. Maybe the IP class is further divided,
but mostly the authoritative server for 54.58.62 should have a record

It's very uncommon that you maintain such a reverse-lookup server
youself, so ask you provider who gave you the ip to make the appropriate
entry for you.


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