* Jeff Penn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [20030119 13:33]:
> I am fishing for wisdom on the worth of breaking up /usr.  Directories
> I've considered moving around are:
> 158M    /usr/X11R6
>  91M    /usr/compat
> 546M    /usr/local
> 299M    /usr/src/
>  27M    /usr/obj/
As long as you don't consider it wisdom :), this is my setup: 

(19:11:58 <~>) 0 $ df -h
Filesystem              Size   Used  Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/da1s1a             126M    88M    28M    76%    /
/dev/vinum/home         4.2G   3.1G   780M    80%    /home
/fs/tmp/dev-mount       1.9G   1.3G   504M    72%    /fs/tmp/mount
/fs/base/dev-mount      248M   102M   126M    45%    /fs/base/mount
/fs/apps/dev-mount      2.4G   1.3G   953M    58%    /fs/apps/mount
/fs/bulk/dev-mount       36G   4.0G    29G    12%    /fs/bulk/mount
/fs/std-var/dev-mount   247M   100M   127M    44%    /fs/std-var/mount

/usr is a link to /fs/base/mount
/tmp is a link to /fs/tmp/mount
/var is a link to /fs/std-var/mount

/usr/{X11R6,local} are links to /fs/apps/mount/usr/{X11R6,local}
/usr/obj is a link to /tmp/build/obj
/{var,usr}/tmp are links to /tmp
/usr/{src,ports} are links to /fs/bulk/mount/FreeBSD/{src,ports}

I separate the namespace from storage type. See
http://multivac.cwru.edu/fs/ (mind the trailing slash) for the original


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