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Can you tell us more about your home set-up?  Presumably you have
some sort of router doing NAT and DHCP?  Tell us about it.

I had, but perhaps in a different thread, so forgive me for not putting it here before. I have DHCP, a satellite dish to which both computers are linked.


I did see that earlier message, but it's not the information I'm seeking. You say that both computers are linked to a satellite dish, but I'm asking for information about what is between your computers and the dish. You should have ethernet cables running from each computer to some sort of box. Can you describe that box for us? For the moment (or for the rest of this message, I will refer to it as Box R).

Also another point of confusion is that we may be talking about two different DHCP servers. One of them is at your ISPs offices and assigns an IP address (and other stuff) to your home (actually to Box R). It will assign a public IP address like as a non- arbitrary example.

The other one (the one that I'm interested in) is on your premises and assigns IP addresses to the two machines. It is what I think Box R is. It will assign addresses like and This Box R is what is giving your server an IP address. And that address may change.

You need to give your server a fixed IP address, say This can be done using the sysinstall GUI for network set up. But here is the hitch. You don't want it to have the same IP address as something that Box R might assign. This is why I want you to look at the DHCP configuration on Box R. Maybe Box R gives out IP addresses (DHCP pool) in the range, or maybe some other range. The IP address that you pick for your server should be on the local net, but not in the DHCP pool.

I need more information about box R to be able to tell you how to log on to it. On your local network it probably (but not necessarily) has the IP address or all depending on its default settings. Try pointing a web browser (from one of your two machines) to either of those addresses and see if you get anything. When you get the right address you should be prompted for a username and password. We'll need to know more about the Box R to know what the password is, but a good first guess is always Username: admin, Password: admin. (of course once you do get into Box R change the password to something else).

Please keep in mind that all of this is just diagnostic. This information is not guaranteed to lead me to a solution. But it will help in understanding your network.

If ifconfig isn't the way to do that, could you specify how? sysinstall is a GUI, so it'll just ask me a question, or I'll have to look on a chart to find what I need, right? Easy, right?

ifconfig (or the GUI sysinstall) will be the way to set the IP address of your server. Nothing that I've said contradicts any of the other advice you've received here. But to pick the right IP address it is good to know what Box R's DHCP range is. Also, later on, it may be that some configuring of Box R will be needed for what you are trying to do.

So the advice that you are getting is multi-pronged. So far most of the advice you've had has been in the form of "do X and report back here so that we know more about your network".



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