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[ ...looking up one's MAC address... ]
I am buying a MacBook for personal use though so it would be nice to run it on osx. I wouldn't like to start using another library just to get the hardware address of an interface though, that seems kinda overkill for what should be a simple task. The program is already using libpcap but that is included in FreeBSD by default so you don't have to install it.

I don't think PCAP offers an easy way to get the MAC address of a given interface, short of capturing a packet sent from the host via that particular interface, and then figuring out the right offset to the source/sender MAC based on the datalink type header, which presumably will be DLT_EN10MB (14 bytes in size, IIRC).

Do you have any idea of why i'm getting this error from ioctl when i'm doing what the manual says i should do? I am of course running it as root to because the libpcap operations require it.

Nope, sorry. I remember trying to make this go myself a while back, and decided that using the libnet call was much easier than figuring out why the SIOCGIFMAC ioctl wasn't working as expected...

What might help me is to take a look at the source of that libnet_get_hwaddr function in libnet. I'll try that, thank you very much for the tip.

So far i've been trying to look at the source for ifconfig to figure out how it gets the hardware address. Of course it uses SIOCGIFMAC but i can't find the socket it opens because i can't find where it uses the maclabel_status function.

Well, you could always invoke and parse the output of ifconfig (or arp), but I can understand wanting to get the information directly without frobbing external programs. :-)


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