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From what I have read, I think the Ultrium tape drive is completely
compatible with FreeBSD. If I am understanding the specs correctly, it
uses hardware compression to compress data.  And, again if I am
understanding everything correctly, I should be able to use the mt command
to tell the tape drive to use hardware compression.

Pretty much all SCSI-based tape drives work just fine with the normal st device; and yes, one can use "mt comp" command to enable or disable the built-in hardware compression. However, most tape drives default to enabling their preferred compression algorithm already, so you most likely won't need to do anything special except run tar, dump, or whatever to actually write data to the tape...

Ultrium/LTO is a pretty good form-factor-- certainly better than the helical-scan 4mm DDS systems, but I have a mild preference for (s)DLT.


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