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Hi list, as far as I know Intel 64 architecture (formerly known as Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology, or Intel EM64T) enables 64-bit computing on desktop when combined with supporting software. If I am right, 64-bit computing (on Intel architecture) requires a computer system with a processor, chipset, BIOS, operating system, device drivers and applications enabled for Intel EM64T architecture. So I bought an ASUS P4P800-VM with a 3.0GHz processor that supports Intel EM64T and 1Gb of Infineon PC3200 RAM memory. The system is why I can't install BSD 64 bits with my system ???

Any clues, thanks in advance.

You've given us no indication as to what errors you are getting. It appears by the motherboard specs (that I looked up) you probably need to be trying FreeBSD/amd64. Feel free to try that (I've noticed a lot of people misunderstand the i386/amd64/ia64 names, and try to install ia64 on the wrong hardware) If that doesn't resolve the issue, please give us something to work with.

P.S.  for the record,  I hate the architecture names amd64/ia64 ;)

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