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2007/2/12, Erik Norgaard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

Klaus Friis Østergaard wrote:

> I have a EPATech eTC thin client it is build on a Vortex86 processor. I
> tried with a 6.1 relase in order PXE boot the thin client and it fails.
> Is it possible to build an older relase like 5.3 on a 6.1 relase and use
> for the thin clients, to boot from?

Yes, it is possible. Check out the desired version with cvs, then build
world and kernel, finally, install with DESTDIR=/dir/of/choice

Details here: http://www.locolomo.org/pub/pxeboot/diskless.html

Tried to follow your  description, but I seem to have lost some thing,
the client now starts the PXEBOOT process and it looks in the
(/var/diskless/FreeBSD/)/boot/defaults/loader.conf that says

But according to your instruction
http://www.locolomo.org/pub/pxeboot/pxeboot.html the kernel was installed in
the /var/tftp/boot/

Should I simply
  make DISTDIR=/var/diskless/FreeBSD installkernel


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