Giorgos Keramidas schrieb:
On 2007-02-22 16:03, Gerard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I need to know how to build a program with debugging symbols. The
problem I am having is that claws-mail-2.7.2 continually crashes but
does not display any debug symbols. I talked with the claws-mail
people, and they advised me to build a version with debug symbols
since the output I supplied them was useless without it. Their
suggestion was that I build from a tarball and use the proper ‘config’
flags to get debug symbols included in the program. The problem is
that I would rather not mess with that scenario, but rather use the
port version instead. The port version does have an option to build a
debug version, but apparently, the symbols are stripped out when the
program is installed.

The port maintainer suggested that I use this is the Makefile:

        "STRIP= #empty"

However, he is not even sure if it will work. I just want to find out
what the best way to go about this is so that I can get this problem

I think it's much better to avoid tweaking ${STRIP} and set DEBUG_FLAGS
instead.  You have to make sure that at least the claws-mail-2.7.2 port
is *rebuilt* from source.  The following should work fine:

    # cd /usr/ports/mail/claws-mail
    # make deinstall
    # env DEBUG_FLAGS='-ggdb' make install

The STRIP variable is explicitly set to an empty value when DEBUG_FLAGS
is defined, so you get both a debugging *and* non-stripped binary by
setting DEBUG_FLAGS.

Or you can just define the newly introduced WITH_DEBUG macro, which will does the trick for you:

make -DWITH_DEBUG install

Still, you can customize the DEBUG_FLAGS to set which flags you want to add. Besides, the flags that can do harm (-O[123s] and such) will be stripped out from CFLAGS.

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