+++ Gary Schenk [freebsd] [17-01-03 22:28 -0800]:
| I've been installing FreeBSD on my home desktop. A little each day I spend
| configuring. I've worked out most things with books and man pages. I am
| connected to the internet by cable modem. Links worked perfectly right away.
| Where I am failing is setting up my email. I am not trying to be a mail
| server, just get and send mail through my ISP. The documentation seems to be
| geared to mail servers. This is really confusing me. Can someone point me in
| the right direction for help on email? Just a nudge in the right direction
| would be most helpful.
| I apologize for posting with OE.
| Thanks!
# cd /etc/mail
# make
# vi `hostname`.mc

now change the line 
dnl define(`SMART_HOST', `your.isp.mail.server')
define(`SMART_HOST', `your.isp.mail.server')

(don't fotget to _replace_ *your.isp.mail.server*)
# make
# killall -HUP sendmail

That's all. :-)

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