sorry, right you are...the release is 4.7. i felt that cvsup was
unnecessary, since all that i had done was install from cd.

anyway, i learned that commenting anything from kernel config is
apparently a precipitous affair. uncommenting everything back provided the
juice to finish the make.

i have yet to figure what has gone wrong on the original box, but i do
suspect it to be a hardware issue. i will report....

thanks everyone for all the assistance!

stephen d. kingrea

On Sun, 19 Jan 2003, Giorgos Keramidas wrote:

>On 2003-01-19 09:31, Stephen D. Kingrea wrote:
>> problems got deeper at this point, since repeated attempts began
>> yielding different results, such as:
>> DMA failure switching to FPIO
>> hard error reading fsbn <snip addresses> status=59 error=40
>> leading me to believe that i suddenly have bad ram chip or failing
>> ide controller.
>> switching boxes now to pentium II gateway2000, getting undefined
>> reference errors during make in bt.o.... code 1. what th?
>Please, when reportinng build problems specify at least the following
>things in your post:
>- Version of FreeBSD you're building.
>- Optionally, the date of your last CVSup update.
>  If your supfile contains base=/usr CVSup saves this information in
>  the checkouts.cvs file of the ${base}/sup/${collection}/ directory.
>  Assuming that you use the default supfile examples, the correct path
>  for the checkouts.cvs file for /usr/src would be
>  /usr/sup/src-all/checkouts.cvs and the following command will print
>  a human-readable form of the last update date:
>       $ date -j \
>         -f '%s' `head -1 /usr/sup/src-all/checkouts.cvs | \
>                  awk '{print $3}'`'+%+'
>       Sun Jan 19 14:09:33 EET 2003
>- The exact error message of your build.
>These are required for someone who will try to reproduce the build
>problems you're having.

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