I have set up a nice little gateway / router using FreeBSD. 
It works very nice so far.  

    I desperatly need help with ipsec.  I have searched the
internet and read the faq's.  My problem is that I have not
found an easy way to tell if it is working.  I am guessing it is

    Here is the setup.  

    3 interfaces:  xl0, xl1, wi0

    xl0 is the external interface. all trafic is natted through
this interface

    xl1 is the internal wired interface

    wi0 is the wireless interface

    xl1 -> xl0 works fine

    wi0 -> xl1 are bridged (sysctl
net.link.ether.bridge_cfg="wi0 xl1"), this also works fine

    I have enabled 128 bit wep, as a quick and dirty way of
getting the network 'somewhat' secure.  At least the data is not
in clear text.  There is little threat from a wireless hacker
here too, as there is not sufficient range (tested, much
concrete here)

     I now want to set up ipsec.  So I read the handbook, and
searched the net.

     Before ipsec
         ping wireless laptop to xl1 gives normal reply

     After ipsec
         ping wireless laptop to xl1 gives NO response

     I can access the internet though.  I run netstat -sn -p
ipsec on both machines and it seems that both are sending
outbound packets correctly 
     55 outbound packets processed successfully

      however I also see:
     35 inbound packets with no SA available

    I want to secure traffic between xl1 and my laptop.  esp
would be fine, as I have read that you cannot use ah with natd. 
I also want to use ipcomp.

    The basic setup is:
add <machine a ip> <machine b ip> esp 7000 -E <env type from man
pg) "the key";
add <machine b ip> <machine a ip> esp 17000 -E <env type from
man pg) "the key";
add <machine a ip> <machine b ip> ipcomp 7002 -C deflate;
add <machine b ip> <machine a ip> ipcomp 17002 -C deflate;
spdadd <machine a ip> <machine b ip> -P out esp/transport//use
spdadd <machine b ip> <machine a ip> -P in esp/transport//use

the difference are the spdadd's on the machines the client is
swithced the in and out statements.  This is what I have read.

So how do I tell is this is actually working, and why cannot I
ping the machine after starting ipsec?

Also shouldn't I be able to do this setup (bridging / nat) with





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